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Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving in Ann Arbor, MI

Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving in Ann Arbor, MI

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Most people stay home for Thanksgiving, but if you are planning on sticking around in Ann Arbor this year, don’t worry. Just because you’re not eating at home doesn’t mean you can’t feast… and no, we aren’t expecting you to make it yourself. While most restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving, a few hidden spots are still open on the holiday and serve their own traditional Thanksgiving dinner. These spots may not be as cheap as grabbing Noodles & Co. or Panera, but if you’re looking for some real turkey and mashed potatoes (and are willing to splurge a little bit), they’re worth checking out.

Gandy Dancer:

Gandy Dancer is one of the few restaurants in Ann Arbor open on Thanksgiving, and is also one of A2’s finest. The historical restaurant is located in a renovated train station and the menu includes a variety of seafood, steaks and pastas. Also, rumor has it, they offer a super-traditional Thanksgiving meal on Turkey Day. If you’re looking to dine in at the restaurant this year, be sure to make a reservation soon – they book-up fast! It might not be Mom’s cooking, but it’s probably the next best thing.


Weber’s Inn is both a hotel and restaurant, and like the Gandy Dancer, it is one of the most beautiful historical restaurants in Ann Arbor. Serving prime rib, steaks and seafood, the restaurant also offers award-winning wine from their wine cellar. There are a variety of ways to enjoy Thanksgiving, including a to-go option and a “Family Style Dinner” that includes a whole carved turkey brought to your table.

Zingerman’s Roadhouse To-Go

If you’re looking to eat a Thanksgiving meal in your house, but are not prepared to roast the turkey yourself, Zingerman’s Roadhouse has some to-go meal options you can buy. Menus depend on the size of your party, with turkeys that serve ten to fifteen people or a simple dinner-for-two. While I’m sure the turkey is delicious, the sides available at Zingerman’s Roadhouse sound even more insane — like mashed sweet potatoes, savory cornbread stuffing and bacon-braised greens — so it’s hard to imagine you’d have anything but a Happy Thanksgiving with those dishes on your table.


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