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The Best Local Coffee Shops in Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Best Local Coffee Shops in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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The best coffee in Ann Arbor is all around you!
Ann Arbor, Michigan is known as the "City of Trees," and it is a gastronomic town surrounded by trees, so it must have amazing coffee…which it does, in abundance! Fortunately, Ann Arbor has a plethora of terrific non-chain coffee shops to keep professionals and students on the move. Furthermore, there is no guilt in drinking a lot of coffee, as evidenced by the fact that 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day around the world. So don't feel bad about leaving your McKinley Ann Arbor apartment to visit each of these ten cafes.

We understand that you can't fully espresso your excitement, so it's time to have some caffeine-fueled fun.



2263 W Liberty St, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

If you're on the Westside and in need of a cup of coffee, 19 Drips Coffee and Tea is the place to go. "Your local speciality coffeehouse with a Yemeni touch to the third wave scene," says the shop's website. The cardamom adds a unique twist to the dish. Try this strong, somewhat sweet spice in a pour-over coffee or in their famous 19's Tea for tea enthusiasts. You'll notice an increase in your energy level. It provides a fun new experience for coffee drinkers!



1335 S University Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Go to Vertex Coffee Roasters and get their Café Miel, which is unrivaled. Outside, relax at one of the picnic tables "near the crossroads of Washtenaw and S. University." This is where the university community and the rest of Ann Arbor come together. While you wait for your coffee or tea drink, get a bag of their freshly roasted beans and speak with the cheerful baristas.

Simply conversing with them demonstrates that they provide a very welcoming and inclusive environment. Vertex's commitment to zero waste is evident right away (see McKinley Living's eco-friendly apartment guide). Vertex, a true communal area directly across campus, hosts a wide variety of public events when it is safe to do so.



1336 S Main St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104  

Drip House Coffee Co., which opened just a year ago, is another Ann Arbor coffee business with a great location! It's right across the street from Michigan Stadium, The Big House.

The black-and-white austere décor maintains order. In the winter months, step outside onto the heated terrace. Pastries that are larger than life, sandwich and toast selections, and a full coffee menu are all on the menu. The Military Latte will whet your appetite! There's something for everyone in there: matcha green tea, espresso, vanilla syrup, cocoa powder, and milk.

You don't want to sit? Take a walk around the stadium with your drink! That is an authentic Ann Arbor experience.


1928 Packard St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Do you want to find a coffee shop that is off the beaten path? York, located in the Lower Burns Park area off Packard, might be the place for you.

The long-standing York is famed for its premium wine, but once inside, you'll be treated to a full gastronomic and coffee experience. Grab a cup of coffee from their extensive espresso drink menu, or try the NOLA Cold Brew if it's hot outside. Tip: You won't be sorry if you ask them to add some chocolate milk to it. After that, get a Brekkie breakfast sandwich from their extensive sandwich, soup, cheese board, and deli menus and relax on their expansive outside terrace. Then, if you're there later in the day, get that bottle of wine or a cocktail to take with you.


3723 Plaza Dr #5, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Zingerman’s! It's one of those names that instantly conjures up images of Ann Arbor. Their deli is world-renowned, but on the south end of town, you'll notice they're just as knowledgeable about coffee. A full-scale commercial coffee roasting operation with a coffee shop is located at Zingerman's Coffee Company.

There are a plethora of coffee bean varieties available, which change depending on the season. You may make a cup of coffee using almost any artisan method you like. Pour over, V60, French Press, and Chemex are just a few of the many options available to serious craft coffee enthusiasts. Allow the "Big Brew Board" in front of you to direct you.

Regardless of the bean, rolling in a Chemex, hot or iced, is a terrific way to go. There are lots of espresso and tea drink alternatives as well.

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